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Alert-Hub.Org CIC (Community Interest Company)

The Goal
Alert-Hub.Org is a small non-profit company with a worldwide goal: help countries assure that people in harm's way get timely and effective emergency alerts so they can protect lives and livelihoods.
The Problem
Historically, emergency alerts have been text bulletins, composed like a news story. Unstructured text messages make sense for personal communication, but not for automated processing. Although some emergency alerts became digital, the alerts varied by hazard type, language, or country. Timely and effective public alerting at global scale only became feasible in 2001, when the international standard for all-hazards emergency alerting was agreed.
Despite today's amazing telecommunications services, too many people in harm's way still do not get timely and effective emergency alerts so they can protect lives and livelihoods. This gap in alerting is especially acute in least-developed and developing countries, where communities are often the most vulnerable as well.
The Solution
Alert-Hub.Org addresses ineffective emergency alerting by offering free tools for alerting authorities everywhere to implement the same transformative approach already delivering timely and effective emergency alerts in most countries worldwide. Specifically, alerting authorities are offered free tools enabling their emergency alert systems to leverage the international standard Common Alerting Protocol (CAP).
A CAP message communicates, in a standard format, the key facts and the recommended actions for any emergency. Use of the CAP format greatly increases alerting efficiency, timeliness, and effectiveness. This is primarily because each CAP alert message carries data designed for machine processing as well as information that people can read. Here is an animation about CAP and here is a CAP alert for a volcanic eruption.
CAP Editor makes it easy to create and publish CAP alerts as an Internet news feed.
CAP Alert Hub aggregates published CAP alert news feeds at any scale (community, city, province, country, region, global) so that every alert disseminator can access for free those CAP alerts relevant to the communities they serve.
Eliot Christian, Chief Executive Officer
Ian Ibottson, Chief Technical Officer